We are a team of dyslexia and specific learning difficulties specialist teachers, assessors and educational psychologists. We are passionate about offering support, assessment, teaching and training to meet the needs of our service users.




Lisa Ryan | Dyslexia Specialist Teacher Director of YDN & Co-Founder of National Dyslexia Network


Our specialist teaching team:

  • Lisa Ryan
  • Katharine Hannan
  • Naomi Ryan

Covering all educational levels, experiences and subjects. 

We also work with a team of freelance specialist teachers, who we call upon when someone is looking for a very specialist subject.

Our assessment and consultation team

  • Leslie Vergeris – Lead Educational Psychologist
  • Katherine D’Arcy – Educational Psychologist 
  • Frances Robertson – Assessor and School/Workplace Consultant
  • Janet Robinson – Workplace/English Consultant
  • Lisa Ryan – School/Workplace Consultant