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Summer Clubs and Courses 2017


We are running day courses and study clubs throughout the school summer holidays. Check out our Summer Holiday Timetable page to find out more. 

Community Group MeetingS

– 09.06.2017 

It was wonderful to see so many parents at our first community meeting for parents. We shared lots for ideas, experiences and knowledge about the causes of dyslexia, the effects and the SEND Code of Practice.

A big thank you to:

France Robertson (Former Dyslexia Action Area Manager) for her wonderful talk on dyslexia awareness and help organising the meeting,

Janet Robinson (Former Dyslexia Action Deputy Area Manager) for supporting our parents and help organising the meeting,

Katharine Hannan (YDN Dyslexia Specialist Teacher) for supporting our parents and all her hard work.

Our next meeting will be in September 2017.


Assistive Technology 

June 2017

Thank you Iain from Clicker 7 for all the great information about Clicker 7 that we can now pass on to our schools and clients.

Click on the Clicker 7 logo to find out more..

Thank you to John Hicks for all your help and information about the new technology at Sprint Plus. Your blobs are extremely useful for students with dyslexia and parents of dyslexic learners

Click on the links below to find out more…

Studying with Dyslexia Blog

Parenting Dyslexia Blog

May 2016

Thank you to TextHelp for offering your support and use of the Read&Write program that we can share with our students,                               universities and workplaces. 


Thank you to Arran from LVG and Nessy for getting in contact with YDN and for discussing how we can work together in the future.


School SEND Partnership Scheme


It’s been wonderful to welcome two new schools to our SSPS. YDN is looking forward to all the amazing work we will do together to help students achieve their goals and teachers develop their skills.

Holiday Study Club


Very proud of all our students who are so dedicated to their learning that they gave up some of their school holiday to come study at YDN. We even had time for a little fun and cake!


Booster Clubs

Our booster club for high school students is up and running. For high school students to be motivated enough to come for extra lessons shows grit and dedication to your goals. If you would like to know more, please get in touch.



It was great to meet up with the Leeds and Bradford Local British Dyslexia Association Group and discuss how we can work together to support the learners in Yorkshire. A big thank you to Pat and Pam from BDA for all your support and advice. Our YDN clients will benefit greatly from this.


Newsletters 2017

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