specialist tuition



Yorkshire Dyslexia Network work to make sure children and adults who have literacy or numeracy difficulties, dyslexia or other specific learning difficulties can receive the correct tuition by the best specialist teacher in their area. Our specialist teachers and consultants work together with assessors, psychologists and management in a way that ensures each children or adult receives a tailor made tuition plan and delivery. Our support-assessment teaching practices have developed in line with legislation and ‘best practice’ for over 20 years.

We have been dedicated to providing specialist education for over 20 years for local and national charities and organisations.

Tuition can be delivered at our office, outposts, in school or college and a variety of other options may be available. Tuition can be provided in 1-1 sessions, 1-2 sessions or in very small group session, depending on individual needs and availability. The sessions can change as the individual’s needs change. Building on assessment information, we as highly trained specialist teachers and consultants will identify key strengths as well as areas where support is needed. This may be, for example be in literacy, numeracy, organisational skills, memory, study skills or something specific to an examine board. An individual program is then developed, drawing on a wide range of well established, cutting edge and internationally recognised specialist teacher strategies and techniques.

Why Choose Specialist Tuition?

Specialist Tuition by experts who provide something completely different to mainstream education. Let’s be fair, you wouldn’t be coming to us if mainstream ‘one size fits all’ teaching and interventions had succeeded, so now for something very different. As this is so specific to the individual, a unique combination of activities and tools will be chosen from internationally and nationally recognised ‘best practice’ along with teachers’ own creative, experienced ingenuity. Our activities include; 1. Tailor made multi-sensory learning activities (teaching involving the simultaneous activation of multiple senses, including hearing, sight and movement, to help develop skills). 2. Support for specific needs including reading, spelling, writing, comprehension, mathematics, organisation, time management and memory. 3. Activities and strategies to boost self-confidence. 4. Support for specific tasks or assignments e.g. at work or in exams. 5. Help to improve skills in writing reports, assignments and assessments for Higher Education and those 16 +. 6. Support for KS1 and 2 examinations, GCSE study support or entry examinations.


An individual learning plan will be devised to meet your specific requirements. This learning plan will be reviewed every 6 months to assess progress. All tuition or coaching is learner-centred and is focused on the individual requirements of the learner at their stage on the educational journey. Access to consultants is easy; just speak to us at the start of each session.