Questions to Ask at Parents’ Evening


Questions to Ask at Parents’ Evenings

Are you concerned about your child’s learning at school? Is your child struggling? We have put together a list of questions which should help you to get more information from your meetings with teachers.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Can you explain to me the difficulties my child is experiencing?
  • How are these difficulties affecting my child’s self-esteem and confidence- as reflected in the classroom?
  • What are you doing to help with this?
  • Could they be dyslexic or have some other specific learning difficulty?
  • Have you screened my child for these? (This tells them whether your child may be at risk of difficulties, but is not a diagnosis.)
  • Can I have my child diagnostically assessed for dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties?

If a diagnostic assessment not available through school, then contact the National Dyslexia Network for a FREE ADVICE SESSION to discuss diagnostic assessments by Educational Psychologists and Specialist Teacher Assessors. Many Parents find this very helpful, as it puts them in control of knowing specifically what their child needs. It can also be comforting to the individual to know there is a reason to why all of their hard work is not paying off.

Other Questions

  • How are you helping my child with these difficulties?
  • How effective has this help been?
  • What effect has this lack of success with these activities had on my child?
  • If these have not been successful, would you agree it’s time for something different, rather than more of the same?
  • Are the groups run by a Specialist Teacher of Specific Learning Difficulties?

Hopefully they are, otherwise, they will be ‘more of the same’- which your child has failed at previously.

  • Has my child been considered and assessed for access arrangements for their work in the primary/secondary classroom and for tests and exams?

If you would like to discuss any of these questions or answers you’ve been given, please book a 30-minute FREE ADVICE SESSION with a highly qualified and experienced professional.