What does Dyslexia Awareness Week mean?


A nine year old student at one of our centres asked, “What is Dyslexia Awareness Week?” “Does it help me?”

When it was explained that it is an opportunities for organisations, charities, parents and schools etc to share information about dyslexia and help more people, the student then asked, “Why can’t we have Dyslexia Awareness Week every week because everyone should know about dyslexia and how to help people?”

This is a very good questions! 

As Dyslexia Awareness Week draws to a close, it is our duty to continue sharing information and lobbying for extra support and funding to help people who are disadvantaged by the dyslexia related difficulties they are experiencing.

It is great that so many people with dyslexia are succeeding in education, workplaces and in life. #postivedyslexia2017.

It is great that people with a diagnosis of dyslexia can apply for  Disability Student Allowances and Access to Work grants. But is this enough?

What about children and young people from families who can’t afford a dyslexia diagnostic assessment or dyslexia specialist tuition or who don’t know where to find any help?

What about children and young people in areas that do not receive effective support through their Local Authority’s SEND Local Offer when they are in need of it?

What about schools and other educational settings that have an increase in students with special educational needs, but no extra funding or access to resources?

What about young people and adults struggling to find work or hold down a job, who can’t afford a dyslexia diagnostic assessment or dyslexia specialist support?

In times gone by, countless national projects could be found that helps make life a little fairer for those affected by dyslexia…in the future let’s all keep working together to ensure that there is more support and funding, not less. 

To get involved in helping those with dyslexia and any other learning difficulty, please get in touch at www.ndnetwork.org or email  enquiries@nationaldyslexianetwork.org.uk